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Flor *MOMI19* R. Profile Thumb

Flor *MOMI19* R.

1 day ago

This is my third year living here at UV and it really has been great. Maintenance requests are completed quickly. The office staff is always friendly and are very helpful. And they also have events with free food for residents at the clubhouse which is nice. The only thing I don’t like was that rent increases every year and there is a $500 move out fee if you want to move to a cheaper apartment. But other than the financial stuff everything else is perfect.

Nisha W. Profile Thumb

Nisha W.

2 days ago

Everything is pretty decent I have nice roommates but the staff there communications could be better as far as letting everyone know on their end what’s going on

Alexis M. Profile Thumb

Alexis M.

2 days ago

I get to meet new people and do new things. Like the thing with the self defense. Or the chicken and waffles. The only problem is the ac messes up sometimes. Also I dont understand the electric.

nyla*@*.com Profile Thumb


3 days ago

My experiences have been mostly positive but there are some things that drive me crazy. Visitor parking always seems to be filled. A few times I've had to have friends park at a nearby HEB and then pick them up. During the warm months people can be very very loud until late in the morning outside (I live near the pool and volleyball court). Also the ants drive me crazy and there doesn't seem to be any getting rid of them.

Zac H. Profile Thumb

Zac H.

3 days ago

Everything is going great is a place to live the rent cold be a little lower and everybody is super nice and really open and there is a lot to keep me occupied

Liam O. Profile Thumb

Liam O.

3 days ago

Honestly? I enjoy being here. I made good friends already, I'm having a very peaceful time, and the people at the front are incredibly helpful and friendly. This whole stay makes my soul feel quite happy, and I hope that you all feel happy as well.

Ananda K. Profile Thumb

Ananda K.

3 days ago

I never think I would get a good residential place under my budget. But I came to know about the university village that's give permanent relief to my residential chasing also this place comes under my budget so I really like to be live here.

Tijerra W. Profile Thumb

Tijerra W.

3 days ago

I love living here. All of the staff have been super friendly and helpful when needed. Definitely love my apartment and location. Lots of parking where my building is! Big change from the last place I lived.

Hey Tijerra! We love this review! Everything you said is what we are striving to do for our residents. Thank you for taking the time to leave us this review.

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