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University Village at Austin

1301 Crossing Place Austin, TX 78741


Kirsten E. Profile Thumb

Kirsten E.

6 hours ago

My experience so far has been great! I enjoy the environment of the community. Everyone has been friendly and super helpful during the moving-in process.

Kimberly W. Profile Thumb

Kimberly W.

20 hours ago

When I moved in I absolutely love the room the only problem was my tub was peeling little but University village hoped right on the issue and fixed my tub in no time. Living here is very peaceful and I love everything about the people here they are sweet and easy to talk to.

Hey, Kimberly! Our maintenance team works extremely hard to ensure that requests get taken care of in a timely manner. We are happy to hear that your request was fulfilled quickly. Our community is quite peaceful situated right by the woods, nature, and the lake. Our staff is always happy to help and will support you during your stay here. Have a wonderful day!

Jade G. Profile Thumb

Jade G.

20 hours ago

I have no complaints about living here. It took maintenance about a month to get to our apartment and fix the issues we were having. Aside from - that everything seems to be in working condition.

Hey, Jade! Our maintenance team works very hard to ensure that requests are taken care of in a timely manner. If you ever feel as though your request was overlooked, submit another or contact the front office and we'd be happy to assist you. Follow us on social media @UVAustin for community updates and upcoming events. Have a great day!

Destiny O. Profile Thumb

Destiny O.

23 hours ago

The apartments are pretty decent and the price is perfect. There will be some mishaps in the apartments especially the older rooms. It takes a while to get feedback or to fix certain things in the apartment. Most of the staff are warm and friendly, as anything you may clash with some staff. Overall, pretty good service and good rooms. I like having my own space.

Hey, Destiny! Our maintenance teams works extremely hard to fix things in a very timely manner. Our entire staff works hard to ensure that residents feel accommodated and supported while staying at our community. Follow us on social media @UVAustin for community updates and upcoming events. Have a wonderful day!

Sebastian B. Profile Thumb

Sebastian B.

1 day ago

Living in University Village has been a great experience with minimal problems. The amenities are nice, and the roommate match seemed to do a good job.

Hey, Sebastian! Thank you for taking the time to share about your experiences with University Village at Austin. We are pleased to hear that your stay has been good. We love our pool, sand volleyball courts, gym, and much more! Our roommate matching system places people based on preferences, hobbies, noise level, and more. We are pleased to hear that this worked out well for you. Have a wonderful day!

Jose S. Profile Thumb

Jose S.

3 days ago

Good apartments for the price, maintenance request did take 3-4 weeks to get completed, but it was a minor. Only thing I don't like is how far my building is from the front office so I hate that I have to walk to the front to pick up packages since I don't have a car and USPS packages get dropped off in front. Isn't as close as I'd like to campus but I'm satisfied with it. What I do hate actually is you can't cancel your contract or schedule it to get canceled earlier.

Hey, Jose! Our maintenance team works based on priority. They are a small team for such a large property, so please keep in mind that they work very hard to ensure that requests get fulfilled in a timely manner. If you ever feel as though your requests get overlooked, send in another one or contact the front office and we'd be happy to help. We are located less than 4 miles away from campus and have a shuttle that runs every 15 minutes. It's a great way to get to campus without having to pay for parking and walk a super far distance. In regards to canceling a contract, it is clearly stated in your lease that something like that cannot be done. It can be done if you find a sublease and someone to take over who qualifies, but just backing out of a lease is not permitted. I hope this information finds you well, we always strive to help residents as best we can all the time. Have a wonderful day!

Harold H. Profile Thumb

Harold H.

3 days ago

It has been a good experience so far, Although it seems someone else has there car under my name. The room is good and i enjoy austin and the activities that the complex has been setting up.

Hey Harold! Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! We love to see our residents enjoying our property. Regarding your car situation please give us a call so we can get that figured out and changed in our system! Thanks again.

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